Who We Are


The founders of Mindful Designs have a passionate vision for creating a design-build company with a focus for responsible development. We have created a service, available to the public that is capable of effectively producing inspiring homes while paying close attention to energy efficiency, house longevity, and a healthy and comfortable environment for those within.


MDI works with Clients through the pre-construction process to balance building science, details, aesthetics and budget. We can work with your architect or provide design services.


Mindful Designs Inc (MDI) is a General Contractor known for building high performance homes. We maintain high quality standards while focusing on the comfort and health of the occupants, as well as energy efficiency and building longevity. No matter how challenging the project, MDI delivers lasting value for your dollar.


  • "To Whom It May Concern: I would like to express my great satisfaction with the work performed over the past several years for us."

    Richard G Friedman, MD Engineer
  • "We have just finished working with Mindful Designs, Inc., for nearly 2 years to design and construct a residential home. We have been thoroughly impressed with them throughout the entire process."

    Erik and Andrea Schroeder Grouse Mtn. Estates, Whitefish
  • "My wife and I recently purchased property in Whitefish, dated to the early 80s. Renovations were needed.We had an idea of what we were looking to achieve."

    Andy & Shauna Potts

Our Philosophy

Sustainable Materials
At Mindful Designs, we have a clear objective to minimize the impact on the Environment throughout the Construction Phase
This includes a minimized site-impact strategy AND a formal or informal life-cycle analysis of the materials used throughout the building.
Environmental Footprints
Another focus at Mindful Designs is minimizing the environmental impact of the building after its completion by consciously building
A product that will perform exceptionally well for a long time-period. The building design and site development must harmonize with the solar, water and ecological life-cycles in its immediate environment.
Building Safe Homes
The completed building must ensure safe and healthy interior environment for all of its occupants throughout the life of the building
Air quality is the main focus of this component and is factored into Material Selection, Structure Design, and Performance System

Mindful Designs in the Making

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