MDI Building Science: The Sound of Silence


Noise transfer needs to be addressed when building a high performance custom home.

For example, in our Lost Coon Lake home, our acoustically engineered system allows us to manage the sound transfer from the main level living space to the guest apartment located in the daylight basement below.

In addition to designing an extra stiff floor system, we are utilizing a 9/64 acoustic decoupler in two layers. Layer one: to isolate our sub-floor from the floor trusses; Layer two: to isolate the Gypcrete from the sub-floor. This allows for a tremendous reduction in impact noise transfer. Once completed, we fill the floor cavity 2/3 full with cellulose, which will allow for a major reduction in airborne noise transfer. We also have specifications for our utility rough-in procedures that will further minimize noise transfer. So far, with only the first layer of decoupler being installed, it already feels and sounds like you are walking across a soft rubber pad!

By the time all of our acoustical measures have been implemented, we expect the owners will be very pleased with the results.

The function and performance of your custom home involve many case specific details that are all integral with the MDI build experience.

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